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Suspected IS associations of the missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed

The case of missing JNU student, Najeeb Ahmed who was last seen boarding an auto rickshaw in the CCTV, for which there have been continuous allegations upon ABVP due to a fight he had with the organization on the previous day has taken a new and interesting turn.

With the reports stating that the browsing history of Najeeb from Google and YouTube has indicated towards his interest in the ideology, operations and executions of IS before his disappearance has opened up a new area of interest regarding the matter.

According to media reports, the search history stands witness to an interest in the ways and means of joining IS and his most viewed videos on YouTube were also related to IS, it is also being reported that even before getting into the fight with ABVP on October 14, after which he disappeared, he was actually watching a video speech of an IS leader.

Counter intelligence agency is helping the local police in getting some clue of his location, pictures of him have been circulated throughout UP and in certain parts of Nepal, it is also reported that he was under treatment and medication for depression, OCD, sleep, panic and agoraphobia.

In lieu of the pressure, accusations and political insurgence surrounding the volatile subject of this disappearance, such information as possible interests in IS can prove truly ground shaking, the chief spokesperson of Delhi Police however has denied discovery of any association of IS with the missing student. The course that this case would now take remains to be found out, probably soon.

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