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Swachhagraha movement for a clean India: PM Modi

Addressing a conference on Indian sanitation in New Delhi on completion of two years of the Clean India campaign PM Modi invoked Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha against the colonial rule. Modi today mooted ‘Swachhagraha’ movement for a clean India which he said is not something that can be achieved by budget allocations alone.

He also targeted those who claim that the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign has failed by showing pictures of garbage on roads and other places, saying at least there is awareness now on the issue of cleanliness. “After the cleanliness drive, I am often questioned on garbage lying on roads. But I don’t mind that as the awareness related to clean surroundings is a welcome sign,” said Modi.

Equating cleanliness with “godliness”, he emphasised the need to convert waste at religious places into compost. Modi lamented that while people dislike the sight of garbage, they still have not made cleanliness a habit.

Taking up the issue of cleanliness is not an easy task for politicians, Modi said. “Every two years there are polls in some part of the country. For politicians and political parties who just work for the next election, it takes a lot of courage to take up a cause like cleanliness as any photo of a garbage dump can spell trouble for them,” he said.

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