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Tale of three cross-border friends everyone of us should read

It’s a bend in the river that divides two nations and a friendship. Innocence knows no hatred or politics. Residing on the banks of Kishanganga (Neelum), two Pakistani boys and their lone Indian counterpart have become best of friends.

Every day, the two boys from Pakistan eagerly wait for their nameless friend to return from school before they begin their daily game.

“We have a friend who lives on the other side of the river. This time every day, he comes back from school. He always stands over there and throws stones in the water. We do the same. Whoever gets their stone to skip the furthest distance wins. We play this game every day,” said the Pakistani boy.

When he was asked about his friend’s name, who on the other side of the border, in India? “We don’t know. The river makes it hard for us to talk to each other. But we do know that he is an Indian Kashmiri because that’s on the river’s other side,” he said.

While the governments on both sides are always embroiled in war of words, claims and counter-claims it is time they tried to return to innocence. Join these boys in their game and see who wins. If nothing, peace will surely win.

“Panchi, nadiya, pawan ke jhonkay. Koi sarhad na inhein rokay. Sarhadein insaanon ke liye hain, socho mein ne aur tum ne, kya paaya, insaan ho ke”, this song will strike your mind, when you will read the below Facebook post by Humans of Pakistan.

(Feature image: Humans of Pakistan Facebook post.)

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