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The Great Bihari Orchestra

America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests. Henry Kissinger.
The situation is not very different in Patna. But how would Kissinger know this, unless he travelled to this heaven on earth?

Nitish Kumar split his coalition with BJP when Modi was appointed as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In 2015, Nitish (JDU) joined the Mahagathbandhan with RJD and Congress and became the CM of Bihar. And now, in 2017 Nitish resigned as Bihar CM and left Lalu’s RJD and Congress to rejoin Modi led BJP, citing corruption charges leveled against Tejashwi Yadav, Deputy CM and son of Lalu Yadav.

With the support of BJP, Nitish is the CM of Bihar again within 24 hours of resigning. Immediately after the resignation of Nitish Kumar, PM Modi tweeted: “Many, many congratulations to Nitish Kumar for joining the fight against corruption. The country’s 125 crore citizens welcome and support his move for honesty…”

In reply, Nitish Kumar tweets: “I thank PM Modi for his comments on my resignation that he expressed via a tweet.”
PM Modi was the reason Nitish left NDA in 2013 and now they are flirting with each other on social media. But as they say, funnier things have happened in politics.

After quitting the grand alliance, Nitish Kumar has 71 members in the assembly and with the BJP (53 MLAs) they comfortably get the magic number. The NDA has 58 members (BJP – 53, LJSP – 2, RLSP – 2, HAM (S) – 1 and 2 Independents) including JD (U) it reaches 131. The RJD, single largest party with 80 members together with the Congress (27) have 107 seats, 15 short to achieve the magic number.

While Nitish has taken the oath as the CM of Bihar, the hopes of people who voted for the grand alliance against BJP lies trampled. Though Lalu Yadav continues his tirade against Nitish and BJP, only time will tell if he successfully manoeuvres in bringing together the opposition against the BJP. Lalu’s ambitious plans of bringing Congress, Trinamool Congress, SP, BSP and other players on the same platform will be an important development in the run up to 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

The coming days in Patna, will not just determine the fate of politics in Bihar but also the 2019 Lok Sabha polls to which Bihar sends 40 elected members. Nitish has a clean image on his side while Lalu has the caste card and social engineering to his benefit. And then we have the media that creates waves, earthquakes and tsunamis.