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The Magic turns against the Magicians – How Twitterati trolled the PM over Jio

BJP has always been strongly backed by its supporters in social media when it comes to trolling the opposition, while some say that every troll campaign is paid and sponsored by the BJP.

Although, it is strongly evident that BJP has coordinated it’s social media trollers, whether paid or some serious defense mechanisms among various groups to defend BJP, what we are witnessing since a few years is mudslinging and character assassination of any famous political or media personality, even those from the glamour world who speak unsupportive of BJP when BJP gets surrounded by controversies.

However, this time it was the uncoordinated, unpaid and general swarm of social media users who did not support BJP, found splashing the mud.

Soon after people saw that the front page of various newspapers had Reliance Jio’s advertisement, which shockingly had PM Modi’s image onto it, they started generating hilarious images and write-ups for trolling against NaMo and BJP.

We have listed seven tweets here, which will make you ROFL.

Disclaimer: These posts are merely a compilation of the social media feeds on the said issue and does not represent our exact opinion or view concerning the matter.

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