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The strange peace in queues


The recent demonetization scheme by government of India speaks a lot of the things like, Indian’s aren’t that poor in terms of cash in hand. I remember the time when bank workers used to plead with their customers for deposits etc, and customers were like we don’t have money to save or spend. And banks were the places which used to have queues sometimes, otherwise a less populace place. But all of a sudden, things changed now people have money to exchange or deposits to make and banks are now having queues as much as half a kilometers.

We know that in the west people queue up peacefully in line, from buying sim cards to getting air tickets, they just lined up for every fu***ng thing neatly. But on the contrary we Indian’s were not used to lined up, we just don’t know how to make a straight line, our lining system was in complete haphazard mode, we just create chaos and disturbance in the name of making queue’s, but lately we have learned that too, and with acute perfection. We are just lining up peacefully in front of banks.

This silence is very peculiar to assimilate, because earlier we get frustrated with micro mini things and used to come out on the roads in mobs and creating disturbances by setting up things on  fire and creating riots and hurting the economy and citizens etc. but not anymore, even if, 85% money is out of the circulation, but I see no burning of ATM’s or banks, no public fighting even when there is lot of inconvenience people are facing up. But we are just making lines in front of banks and making exchanges and depositing our money to our accounts, peacefully.

Are Indian’s have suddenly become more civilized and respectful of the rules and of each other? Despite all the troubles and hardships, do they believe or understand that demonetization is a good step? Or this is the silence of before the flood? Whatever it is, for now, we are peaceful.

That makes me skeptical a bit of the fights and the riots of the past. Aren’t those riots were ignited by the politically motivated people by telling that how inconvenient is the government move or the other community or sect have hurt our sentiment so much so that we have to come out and fight. Because those politically motivated people get their benefits by earning money or the position. By throwing all responsibilities on public’s ire.  But at present people are left with shortage of money or their buying capacities is in shallow state and on top of that they have to adjust or completely abandon their work to just come out and make queue’s, but we are doing it peacefully. If we have changed this much lately and this is for the greater good of the country. Anyhow I would urge the supreme court to be vigil about it, for future references.