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Three men jailed in Sweden ‘Facebook rape’ case

At least three men were sentenced to prison by a Swedish court for their involvement in a rape that was broadcast live on Facebook from an apartment in Uppsala, a media report said on Wednesday.

The court on Tuesday sentenced a 21-year-old man for two years and four months for rape and abetting rape, Xinhua news agency reported.

An 18-year-old was given one year jail term and a 24-year-old was sentenced for six months for serious slander and failing to report the rape.

The Uppsala District Court also determined that the woman was in a particularly vulnerable situation.

“She was so influenced by alcohol and drugs that she could not protect herself, and in a way the defendants must have understood. Despite this, two of them had sex with her,” said Judge Nils Palbrant.

According to them, the woman consented to sex, but the judge said that did not matter.

The three convicted men pleaded not guilty. Stefan Wallin, who represented the 21-year-old, was surprised by the verdict.

“I think it is wrong and should be appealed. There was no proof that he committed a rape or that he abetted a rape. I have not spoken with my client but I am sure he will appeal,” Wallin said.


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