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Trump attracts $82mn in July fundraisers

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s eye-catchy leap in attracting sponsors for his campaign breaks the assumptions of a declining campaign of the New York Billionaire.
Trump and the Republican Party amassed $64 million via online and mail donations, the New York Times reported Thursday.

The bagged an additional $16mn through 20 odd fundraising events in sync with the Republican National Convention (RNC), supplemented by Trump’s own contribution of $2 million, summing the July total to $82 million.

These figures point out to the increasing success he has earned after entering the race with just about $1.3Mn, soaring up to $82mn at the beginning of August. He has also boasted about $35.8mn in the form of small donations of about $60-$70 each, while at the same time Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton has collected close to $90Mn with the help of Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the same period.

Reported by The Times, Clinton has made a good name among small donors, just like Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders who collected nearly $35mn each month from small donors during his Democratic nominee campaign.

Few of the recent reports indicated a sort of uneasiness among Republicans over the possible blunders which the aggressive candidate may commit, some even thinking of possible contingency plans should the unpredictable nominee suddenly quits the entire game.

Trump’s finance chairman Steven Mnuchin Mnuchin said that this is not just a convention bounce and that there is a ground-level support for Donald Trump, which is unlike any other Republican candidate before.

Both candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have until August 20 to provide the Federal Election Commission with their fundraising details.