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Two Muslim women beaten in MP; no action against the miscreants

Mandsaur (MP): Kicking, beating, thrashing and killings are taking place in the country for ‘so-called’ protection of cow. Yet another case was reported where two women were badly beaten by ‘cow protectors’ in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh.

This incident took place at Mandsaur railway station where the cow protectors slapped, kicked and abused two women. It was alleged that they were carrying cow meat. Later, when tested in lab it turned out to be buffalo meat. .

Unfortunately, the incident took place in a crowded place where the commuters and police kept on watching the women being badly beaten but none dared to stop them. One of the person present there recorded the video but just like others that person didn’t came forward to help her. Even the police didn’t showed seriousness in stopping the violence against women.

Notably, police claimed to have information that two women are travelling with large quantity of the beef with them. Despite police was present there to arrest them, the mob managed to assault women at railway station.

In the video, the mob was shouting ‘Gau Mata ki Jai’ and kept on thrashing women badly. Failing to handling the excessive beating by the uncontrolled mob one of them collapsed there only. The policemen apparently don’t try hard enough to protect the women from the blows.

The women were thrashed for nearly half an hour before the police led them away. 30 kg of meat has been recovered from the women. The consignment was examined by a local doctor who pronounced it buffalo meat, not beef.

The women have still been charged, because they did not have a permit to sell meat but no action has been taken against those who assaulted the women, or the policemen who remained a spectator at the spot.