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UN reports 10,000 killed in Yemen War

United Nations reported on Tuesday that as much as 10,000 people have been killed in Yemen as consequence of the war imposed by Saudi Arabia since March 2015.

Given this figure, nearly 200,000 have sought refuge abroad, about 1 million displaced within and as many as 14 million out of the 26 million population are on the verge of a massive starvation and malnutrition catastrophe.

Notwithstanding countless tribal families burying their dead without official records, these figures are indicated by a combined survey involving various medical facilities, UN Humanitarian coordinator Jamie McGoldrick said at a news conference in the Yemeni Capital Sana’a.

Yemen has been in flames of unrest since the infamous Arab spring which overthrew several western puppet regimes from West Asia in 2011-2012, when Yemen’s then President Ali Abdullah Saleh faced heavy opposition from tens of millions of protestors staging unprecedented demonstrations in the capital, which eventually led Saleh to flee to Saudi Arabia, being replaced by Abdel Mansur al Hadi in late 2012 as an interim President for a period of two years. As the tenure of Mansur al Hadi expired in late 2014, sequential to the previous unrests, this time revolutionary Houthis led the Ansarullah forces, supported by several tribes in North-west Yemen, seizing power of the Capital, calling for a new government allied with popular committees opposed to the Western-Saudi intervention in the country.

McGoldrick pressed that “Humanitarian work alone cannot solve these problems,” as peace talks through a diplomatic channel are most required. However, time and again the peace talks have ended without any result as each side meets repeatedly in Kuwait.

The United States secretary of State John Kerry has repeatedly called for peace as the US continues its support to Saudi Arabia with war machinery and political backing in this conflict.