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UP Home Guard DG Surya Kumar sworn to make Ram temple in a public program, viral went video

A video has surfaced on on social media in which DG Home Guard, Surya Kumar Shukla is taking a resolution to build a Ram temple in a public program. According to media reports, it is being told on 28th January a program organized in Lucknow where DG Homeguard Suryakumar Shukla took an oath of making Ram temple with many Ram devotees soon.

As soon as the video went viral, DG Homeguard Suryakumar Shukla said in an interview given to News 18, “I went to a program of Muslim community. Someone has done mischief. Some has played video in such a way that construction of Ram temple would be done forcibly. People are talking about building Ram temple with peace and the matter of settling the dispute peacefully was discussed.’

Notably, Surya Kumar Shukla is an IPS officer and taking part in such political and social events as a DG and taking the oath is a violation of the service rules. According to the media report, In a seminar held at Lucknow University, DG Homeguard took an oath with President of Muslim Work Service Forum Azam Khan, and several other leaders, to build Ram temple.

According to the report, Azam Khan said that Hindus need to think about the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. He said that if the Ram temple is not being constructed even after 100 crores Hindu population, then it is a matter to worry.

He said that I have come here as a devotee. It is not to take ram temple issue to the court.

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