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Uttar Pradesh ATS launches a de-radicalisation program for misguided youths

Lucknow: Following the arrest of four suspected terrorists last week, the Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) has launched a de-radicalisation program across the state to safeguard youths from going into the evil hands.

Recently, along with four terrorists, some six other youths were detained by the ATS teams, but as there were no proofs were available of their direct involvement they were released. The ATS officials found that those six were radicalised by the nabbed terrorists.

IG (ATS) Aseem Arun said, “Across the state ATS personnel, with the help of local police, is trying to de-radicalise more than two dozen persons. In this program, family members, friends, religious heads and the police conduct counselling. While the government is making arrangements for education and employment.”

Under the program, first the appropriate proofs are being produced before the family members to make them sure that their wards need to be de-radicalised. It helps in motivating them to help the police and the ATS.

The police officials frequently meet the candidates to know the about the progress of de-radicalisation. Surprise checks are carried out by the officials. As there is no guarantee that the candidate has been de-radicalised completely, tight vigil is kept on the person but such persons are never used as informer or undercover agents to nab the suspected terrorists.

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