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VS Pandey blames NDA govt for widening rich-poor gap

Former Secretary Government of India and the National Convenor Lok Gathbandhan Party (LGP) Vijay Shankar Pandey today condemned the developmental policies of the NDA government which has caused massive disparity and a wide gap between rich and poor in the country. Pandey said the slogan of the NDA government for the welfare of all has proved to be a farce with a concentration of 73% wealth of the country into the hands of just one percent rich people.

Pandey said here on Tuesday that the global survey report for 2017 about the distribution of wealth has presented a grim picture of the country for which the NDA government cannot escape the responsibility, as the situation has arisen because of lopsided policies, which has enlarged the gap between rich and poor. Mr Pandey said while rich people have grown richer during the last few years, poor people could not improve their lot in the absence of facilities and favourable policies.

He further said the global survey has badly exposed the oft-repeated slogan of “Sabka Sath, Sabka vikas” with a worrying picture of rising income inequality. Mr Pandey said slow progress in living standards, widening inequality has also pushed inclusiveness index of India, as the country ranked 62nd among 74 emerging economies, which is below Brazil, Russian, China and even Pakistan.

Expressing concern over alarming disparity with benefits of economic growth continuing to concentrate in fewer hands, Mr Pandey said the NDA government developmental agenda has created an unbridgeable gap between haves and have-nots. He said 67 crore Indians comprising the population’s poorest half saw their wealth rise by just one percent as against 73% wealth going to one percent rich. Pandey said with this state of affair India’s dream of becoming the global leader is unlikely to be materialized and several centuries will be consumed for poor people to come out of abysmal poverty.

Pandey has called upon the people to realize this terrible state of affairs and discard emotional political slogans of the NDA for their better future and balanced growth. He said the LGP has reached out to the people with its pro-poor growth agenda.