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What actually went wrong with the “Anti-Romeo” squad

There are always two sides to everything and one of then tends to be tainted, antithetical to the bright one and the anti-Romeo squad is no big exception. If on one hand girls have been feeling safe with the honest arrival of police on the scene, as gathered from the students of several girls colleges in Lucknow where the complains of inappropriate behavior were commonplace.

The streets have become comparatively safer spaces in the residents’ own words of the citizens, as the vile stuttering youth are kept under check for their behavior, girls feel better getting out on the streets.

In past few days police raids have wetted quite a number of your boys’ plans of whistling on girls in the streets. However the incidents of young couples being harassed for sitting in the parks and boys being hauled up for growing long hair or dropping their sisters off cannot be ignored at all.

If there has been a good effect of the vigilance of police, there have also been vile moral policing of young couples for being out together against “sanskriti” the basic rule being consent of the woman.

The critics of this whole operation argues that if a woman is sitting with a man by her own consent how can it be right to harass them in any manner when the whole operation is about making women feel safer? And how much is it going to work when the only result of molestation reports is still victim blaming? The questions which no doubt, should be asked along with the praise for the good.

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