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What does leaks and rumors suggest about the new iPhone

Release date of iPhone 7 is still two weeks ahead but there are several rumors about the new iPhone. These leaks and rumors have been in the market for quite some time and may have actually defined all additions and subtractions in the design.

No headphone jack?

There are several sources which have confirmed this news of headphone jack being excluded from the iPhone 7. Although headphones with lightening cable can still be used.

New home button

This is the latest addition to the rumors section. The old tactile home buttons will be replaced by non-tactile pressure sensitive (3D Touch) home button.

Dual Cameras

iPhone might follow android phones by introducing dual cameras to the new iPhone. This would give new features to the already great camera.

Water Resistant

iPhone might introduce another hardware change inspired by Android of making a water resistant phone. This would ensure underwater photography.

Although, these claims can only be confirmed after the official unveiling of the new iPhone 7.