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What if India and Pakistan were one?

Around 69 years back, India and Pakistan were one country. No Wagah border, no visa fees, no movie bans and no travel bans. But history cannot be changed; India and Pakistan became two different countries in 1947. Both the nations witnessed the bloodiest days at the time of partition. People who had stayed together for centuries were taught to hate each other, kill each other, confiscate property and force the exodus of “the other.” Religion was resurrected to crucify its followers.

Millions died, thousands of families were destroyed, society was torn apart and we proudly emerged as two different nations. Thanks to those who ruled over us, their policies have been a tremendous success even after so many years.

Our countries have fought around four major wars and have witnessed many border skirmishes. Till today we continue to fight numerous media wars and propagandas. We are enemies to each other and hate each other though we have never wronged each other. Thanks to our politicians and media, our misunderstandings only increase by the day. Pakistan’s support for terrorism is the big story here, while India’s espionage and unlawful activities is the big story there. While our leaders wish each other on their birthdays and dine with each other, our soldiers fight each other on orders from these very leaders.

With so much hatred and propaganda being incited against each other on a daily basis, I sometimes wonder how it would have been if both India and Pakistan were never divided and remained one nation.

Out of all the positives of being one, cricket would have topped the list. We would have been the best cricket team in the world; all the world cups would have come to us. We would have won the Man of the match, man of the series and all other prizes this game offers. Also, apart from Mumbai Indians, Delhi Daredevils, Kolkata Knight Riders and other IPL teams we would have had Karachi Tigers, Islamabad Challengers and Peshawar heroes. There would be no one digging up pitches and stopping people from playing cricket anywhere.

Apart from being the best cricket team, we would have the best film Industry in the world. But we would not have had movies like Ek Tha Tiger or Phanthom. Adnan Sami would not have had to undergo so much trouble to settle in Mumbai, even his weight loss would have happened faster.


Our economy would have been the strongest leaving China much behind. We would have saved the billions of dollars we spent in separate Nuclear Technology research. And we wouldn’t have fought over Kashmir, Kargil or Siachen and lost thousands of our soldiers and billions of dollars (that we so desperately seek in aid from super powers). Billions could be saved annually, which are otherwise spent on sustaining embassies, consulates, armies and espionage activities. Consequently, we would have saved our precious time on breaking news and faking news.  With so much of money saved we would have retained some of our best brains from migrating to Amrika (US) and London. Our graduates would try to become postgraduates and Phd’s rather than drive taxis and work in Pizza joints in the west.

Our country would have been a strong player in International politics rather than play middle men to super powers. For a change, China would have been lobbying for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council and we would be the ones vetoing it.

But not everything would be so rosy; one of the biggest drawbacks would have been the absence of ‘Zindagi Channel.’ This channel would have never come into existence if we were one, though this would have been a huge setback for most of the women folk on both sides of the border. Nevertheless; men like me would have been the happiest. We would get our coffee mixed with sugar and biscuits whenever asked for and not coffee in the first break, sugar in the next and biscuits after the serial ends…..

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