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Why Bihar still has not received the 125,000 crore promised by PM during 2015 elections

It has been 18 months after the Bihar assembly elections occurred in October 2015, the state still has not received the promised sum of Rs 1.25 lakh-crore which was declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the poll campaign, an RTI query says.

Mumbai RTI activist Anil Galgali has filed the query with the Union finance ministry in December 2016, demanding for details of PM Modi’s guarantees on immense financial aid or development packages to some states of India.

Along with that, he also demanded for details of the action taken on the financial verdicts.

But the Deputy Director in finance ministry Anand Parmar, while refusing and hesitating to give a direct reply to the Right to Information query, has made clear his position in a roundabout manner.

“About the Rs 125,003-crore special package for Bihar, announced by PM for August 18, 2015 Parmar’s terse reply, said that ‘the projects/works will be completed in a phased manner’ though not a paisa has been released till date,” Galgali was heard conveying.

“It is a shame that assurances to Bihar given by none other than the country’s Prime Minister, has failed with no action in the matter since one-and-half years,” added Galgali.

Along with that, he stated that off late, the BJP has been making big announcements even for Uttar Pradesh, where the seventh and last phase of its assembly elections will be held this coming Wednesday.

“So many ‘jumlas’ have been shown to the 125 crore Indian population by the ruling BJP. But, the government’s own figures belie their tall claims, so how can they be taken seriously,” Galgali thought.

A likely situation on the Rs. 80,068 crore aid that Modi announced on November 7, 2015 for Jammu and Kashmir, where the BJP is a junior partner in the ruling coalition.

It was intended to be used for long term relief and development after the state was hit by devastating floods that very year, hinted the RTI reply.

But that’s not all folks!

An aid package of Rs 43,589 with an aspiration  enhance tourism infrastructure sought by Sikkim on June 15, 2016, has still not been given, now, even as the tourism season is at its peak.

Galgali concluded that the delay was in disbursing funds was hardly astounding, since Sikkim, ruled by chief minister PK Chamling since December 1994, would face assembly elections only by mid-2019.

In fact, in the recent months, several leaders from various parties have been pointing fingers at the manner in which financial aid packages for various state governments, announced with an eye on local elections, have not yet taken shape.

Well who knows what our prime Minister is upto. All words and no play?

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