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Yesterday’s Friend, Today’s Enemy, Tomorrow’s History – The Bitter Experiences of West’s Partners

The headlines of the West’s most powerful media machines glorified their trained “Rebels”, “Anti-Soviet Warriors”, “freedom fighters”, fighting against the USSR in the 1980s and early 1990s. The West, this time, particularly the United States, led a training campaign throughout the 1980s and the early part of the 1990s with full political and military support to their allies in the form of these rebel groups on the Pakistan-Afghan border, fed with extremist Islamic ideology “imported from Saudi Arabia” [1] . However, after the collapse of the USSR, the US left them in the region to “swim where they swim”, until they were announced by the very same media machines as the biggest threat to the world, for which the US has embarked on a blood-stained War on terror since 9/11, resulting in the deaths of 2 Million West Asians. Below is a cut from “The Independent” newspaper published on 06th December 1993 [2] showing “Mr. Osama Bin Laden” (Tim Osman as code-named by the CIA then), as a “peaceful”, “businessman”, “anti-Soviet warrior”, on the “road to peace”.


Mr. Osama Bin Laden posing as a “Gentleman”, “Businessman”, pro-US warrior against the Soviet in the 6th December 1993 edition of “The Independent”.

During the War against the Soviet, American Leaders collaborated with the Afghan Mujahedeen as if they were their very own army, throwing praises for them as “gentlemen equivalent to America’s founding fathers”, during meetings held in the White House in Washington DC. The above image showing America’s then President Ronald Reagan in 1985, meeting with the Afghan Mujahedeen to coordinate efforts in the war against the Soviet, might come as a shocker to many, but if you would be interested to dig further into the matter, I suggest you better Google and Youtube these keywords together – Reagan Taliban Thatcher Mujahedeen.


US President Ronald Reagan holding meeting with Afghan Taliban Leaders in the White House in Washington DC, in 1985.

You will find that the American Administration provided full support to Extremists from the Afghan-Pak region, those very extremists whom they today are fighting, citing them as Islamic Terrorists. However, back then, these very extremists were their “freedom fighters”. Does anyone smell something similar in the Syrian conflict today?


Saddam Hussein meets with US Ex-Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld in Baghdad, 1983 during Iran-Iraq war.


Not to forget the historic hand-shake between Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Donald Rumsfeld in 1983, then America’s Ex-Secretary of Defence, who assured full political and military support to Saddam in his 8-year war against the “new-born Iran”, in which he also used chemical weapons against the Iranians, with absolute International silence. This was because Iranians had popularly overthrown the Shah Reza Pahlavi in 1979, America’s most powerful ally in the West Asia then, and had established a new Islamic Government which was not acceptable to America. So Saddam was a peace-maker then. Shortly, after the Iran-Iraq war got over, Saddam attacked the Oil rich Kuwait claiming it as part of Iraq. In fear of an Iraqi invasion into Saudi Arabia, the US and allies formed a Desert Shield to guard their last known strong ally in the region. Finally in 2003, America invaded Iraq and Saddam was hanged.


US Senator John McCain meets with Rebel Leaders from Free Syria Army fighting against the Syrian Government, in idlib, Syria, in 2013.

Lastly, these images dating 27 May, 2013, from Idlib, Syria, feature American Senator John McCain along with senior leaders of the so-called Free Syria Army (FSA), which is actually an army of rebels against the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. These rebels, which are divided into several 10s of groups, rather 100s of groups all over Syria, each bearing their own identity and ideology, who cannot be distinguished as “good-rebels” and “bad-rebels”, and are therefore no different from the ideologues of the ISIS, whose leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi is also allegedly seen in these two images with McCain [3]

America categorized these rebels as “moderate rebels” and has been supplying them with weapons, intelligence, and all support to fight against the Syrian Government since the start of the Syrian conflict. America’s aid to these rebels in the form of salaries and weapons, often routed through Saudi Arabia, reaches ISIS. The oil “sold” by ISIS is routed through Turkey and reaches Israel and other buyers, and the money routes through America’s Allies in the region. US Army Generals have admitted the creation of ISIS at the hands of America and Allies. [4] Hey wait, are we watching a replay telecast of the war against USSR?


These were few of the many examples where America’s friends yesterday, have become terrorists today, and have been bombed into the ashes of history later.

The god-damned media force of the West has manipulated minds of the world for the sake of their Imperialistic gains where they have invaded to transform the civilizations into that of their own, thus becoming slaves of Imperialism with invisible shackles around the necks of the populations, and intangible mental slavery of the government and its people.

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