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“Your father Yogi has come now, Run”

“Your father (read daddy), Yogi has come now”, said the man as a woman thrashed Muslim women in Meerut.

So we all know that Yogi is the new bhogi of new BJP ruling state, Uttar Pradesh, what else. Yogi, as much as we may mock him as a Vin Diesel look alike, is nothing even close to a “firangi” minded person.

So ever since the BJP has made Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, who is otherwise known as a prominent  face of militant Hindutva, has become (as we all know and just said), the chief minister of  the state of Uttar Pradesh. And as a result, the right-wing brigade has been seen to erupt, broadly, in excitement. Focus on the irony of the word.

So,  whilst social media has been getting more and more stuffed with  incredibly menacing threats for known BJP critics, the BJP supporters have also now begun flaunting their ‘power’ against members of  the minority community and why not. It’s a free (read Hindu) country after all.

Recently, one such incident happened in the city of Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut. A man was seen threatening a bunch of Muslim women using Yogi Adityanath’s name, even as his wife thrashed them and  police personnel watched on as silent spectators with their mouths shut as if somebody has paid them to do so.

Courtesy: Janta Ka Reporter

Meerut as we all know, has always been notorious for communal tension since the past years.

Will such incidents be now a new normal under Yogi Aditynath? Seeing what is happening, maybe. We cannot predict.

And this remains a good and tough question, at least for now! Tougher than a Class 12 Chemistry nomenclature one. At least that has a definite answer. What about this?

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